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Les Saisons
offers carp fishing holidays in France set in the beautiful Champagne region.  The lake is only a 3.5 hour drive from Calais.

At 10 acres, this mature tree-lined gravel pit can be booked exclusively for up to 4 anglers at £1,300 per week, or up to 6 anglers at £1,500 per week. With 12 swims there is ample space to move around or stalk carp in the margins.

Privately owned until 2004 Les Saisons is nearly 100 years old. The lake has a good stock of original carp and many of our customers have described Les Saisons as an old English estate lake.

We have further stocked Les Saisons with more than 250 carp. Mirrors to 55lbs, common carp to 40lbs and grass carp to 36lbs. Currently the lake records are mirror 54lbs 4ozs, common 53lbs, leather 47lbs, grass carp 52lbs and catfish 28lbs.



For more information or bookings call
Marc and Helena on +33 (0)6 69 00 29 74
or contact us by e-mail