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Frequently asked questions

  • Is Les Saisons still a drive and survive venue?
    Yes, we will still operate on a Drive and Survive basis.

  • Does the new anglers cabin have full kitchen facilities?
    We are planning for the new angler’s cabin and we are hoping it will be completed before your arrival but it will not contain full kitchen facilities. 

  • Is there still a possibility to use a bait freezer?
    Yes and we will also supply fridge, freezer, kettle, toaster, microwave and charging points for bait-boats etc. Sorry, there will be no cooker.

  • Is there a possibility to use a boat in the event of snagged fish?
    There is still one boat on site which will be available in the event of snagged fish. The same boat safety-rules will apply, life-jackets to be worn at all times.

  • Are there any lake rule changes?
    There are no rule changes for this year but we would prefer no braided mainline or lead core being used, please.

  • Is there still bait for sale on site?
    No bait for sale on site this year. 

  • Are you making any changes on the lake, being new owners?
    - Refurbished shower and toilet on site
    - A new fishermen cabin with fridge, freezer and charging points will be built during 2020
    - Bailiffs on site and staying in the lodge

  • Will you honour already existing bookings made with previous owners?
    Yes, we will.

  • When does the lake open up officially?
    The season starts off from mid-April. We will not be taking any bookings before then.  

  • Will there be a fridge and bait freezer there, if the new cabin isn't ready?
    Yes, we will see to it that there will be a fridge, freezer and charging points available even if the new angler’s cabin isn't ready yet. 

  • Are there any landing nets, mats and slings provided or are we to still bring our own?
    You will still need to bring your own at this time. Please make sure that everything is suitable to take care of the largest fish in the lake i.e. XL sizes.  

  • Are we allowed to bring and use our own prepared particles?
    Yes you can bring your own. Please make sure that everything is properly prepared. If you like to fish using nuts, please bring only a sensible amount with you.