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Les Saisons
is a mature 10 acre gravel pit with an average depth of 5 ft. It has 2 islands, gravel bars
and silt channels.

Les Saisons offers a combination of 12 natural and newly built man-made swims.
The lake is fenced in and all snags have been removed.     

The beautiful market town of Vitry-le-François is only a 10 minute drive away. Here visitors can experience a traditional French market town with excellent shops, bars and restaurants.




Please click the links below or on the swim numbers on the map to view more detail:


Swim 1
Swim 2
Swim 3
Swim 4
Swim 5
Swim 6
Swim 7
Swim 8

Swim 9
Swim 10
Swim 11
Swim 11 - (looking towards swim 8)
Swim 12